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Health Sciences Center of Excellence

A Talent Development System for All Underrepresented Faculty in Health Sciences

UC San Diego's Health Sciences Center of Excellence Faculty Development Program is designed to improve the recruitment, retention and success of all underrepresented (UR) faculty in academic medicine at UC San Diego. The program enhances the academic skills of faculty and will provide funding for career development, research, innovative clinical care and curriculum development and will create a community of diverse faculty at UC San Diego Health Sciences.


*HSCOE was formerly known as HCOE.

HSCOE Quarterly Events for 2023 - 2024 | 5 - 7 PM

Date Heading
​​​December 6, 2023 Fall Event | Kick-off and Orientation
February 7, 2024 Winter Event | Preparing for your Promotion
​April 3, 2024 ​​Spring Event | Broadening Participating in Mentorship
June 5, 2024 Summer Event | Core Area Project (CAP) Presentations
HSCOE scholars required to present​