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Team Profiles

Faculty Directors

  • Joann Trejo, PhD, MBA

    Joann Trejo, PhD, MBA

    Senior ​As​sistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Faculty Affairs
    Professor of Pharmacology


    Dr. Trejo is the Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Faculty Affairs and Professor of Pharmacology. Her research focuses on cell signaling in the context of vascular inflammation and cancer. Dr. Trejo is responsible for developing and implementing strategies, initiatives, and programs that enhance the success, recruitment, and retention of an engaged and diverse faculty within Health Sciences. This includes the oversight​, strategic direction, and implementation of comprehensive faculty development programs within Health Sciences.

  • Adriana Tremoulet, MD, MAS

    Adriana Tremoulet, MD, MAS

    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Faculty Affairs
    Professor of Pediatrics


    Dr. Tremoulet is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Faculty Affairs and is a Professor of Pediatrics. As a pediatric clinical trialist and clin​ical pharmacologist, her research focuses on developing diagnostic tools and repurposing therapeutics in Phase I through III trials for Kawasaki disease. Dr. Tremoulet is responsible for developing and implementing programs that enhance the training and retention of a diverse faculty that can succeed in academic medicine.

  • Vivian Reznik, MD, MPH

    Vivian Reznik, MD, MPH

    Faculty Director
    Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
    Professor of Public Health, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health


    Dr. Reznik is Faculty Director and Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health. She has a longstanding interest in faculty development and mentoring in academic medicine. She is the Founding Director of the UC San Diego National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) program.

  • Deborah Wingard, PhD

    Deborah Wingard, PhD

    Faculty Director
    Professor of Public Health, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health


    Dr. Wingard is a Professor of Public Health in the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and is Co-Director of the UC San Diego  ​National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) program. Dr. Wingard's research focuses on the field of gender and racial health disparities. She oversees quantitative data collection and analysis for all of the OFA programs and climate surveys.​​

  • Danielle Fettes, PhD

    Danielle Fettes, PhD

    Faculty Director, Evaluation and Research
    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry


    Dr. Fettes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of​ Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego and Scientific Investigator with the Child & Adolescent Services Research Center. Dr. Fettes' research focuses on emotional and behavioral health, early childhood trauma, health services disparities, and the implementation of evidence-based approaches into human service systems. Her research is guided by a comprehensive knowledge of advanced methodological design. Dr. Fettes oversees quantitative and mixed-method data collection and analysis for the OFA programs, including Building a Respectful, Inclusive Culture (BRIC) and Faculty Institutional Recruitment for Sustainable Transformation (FIRST).​​​​

  • Mariana Cherner, PhD

    Mariana Cherner, PhD

    Faculty Co-Director, Faculty Mentor Training Program
    Professor of Psychiatry


    Dr. Cherner is Faculty Co-Director of the Faculty Mentor Training Program within the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs with Dr. Risbrough. She is a Professor of Psychiatry and chairs her department's Mentoring Committee.  She is also a faculty member in the SDSU-UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and a mentor in several research training programs. She conducts research on central nervous system outcomes at the intersection of HIV and substance use at the UCSD HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program, where she also directs the Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship in NeuroHIV.​

  • Victoria Risbrough, PhD

    Victoria Risbrough, PhD

    Faculty Co-Director, Faculty Mentor Training Program
    Professor of Psychiatry


    Dr. Risbrough is a ​Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego, Associate Director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program and Co-Director of Neuroscience Research for the Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health for Veterans Affairs. Her research is centered on identifying novel treatments and mechanisms of risk and resilience for trauma-related disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Risbrough oversees the Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) with Dr. Cherner and runs the Graduate Mentor Training Workshop for the Neuroscience Graduate Program. Dr. Risbrough has a long standing interest in supporting career development and mentor training for faculty that bridges UC San Diego health sciences and campus.

  • Andrea LaCroix, PhD

    Andrea LaCroix, PhD

    Faculty Director, Grant Writing Course
    Professor of Epidemiology, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health


    Dr. LaCroix is Distinguished Pro​fessor of Epidemiology in the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science at the University of California, San Diego. She is also the Director of the Women’s Health and Reproductive Justice Research Program at UCSD and the Faculty Director for the Grant Writing Course (GWC) in the UC San Diego Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs.  She is an expert in healthy aging and women’s health who has provided leadership to numerous large women’s health and aging research programs. 


  • Virginia (Ginger) Hazen, PhD

    Virginia (Ginger) Hazen, PhD



    Ginger Hazen became the Director of the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2018, a newly created position at UC San Diego. Ginger is responsible for the administrative arm of the office, including strategic planning, staffing and personnel management, operations focused on continuous improvement, and marketing/communication. She oversees all aspects of the faculty development programs, data analytics, and special initiatives sponsored by OFA. In consultation with the Faculty Directors, she is responsible for managing faculty development and special initiatives from the strategic planning stage through implementation, enhancement, reporting, and dissemination/publication.  Ginger is committed to the development of an engaged, diverse and inclusive community for faculty and staff based on a culture of respect in academic medicine.

  • Mariko Poupard, MA

    Mariko Poupard, MA

    Supervisor and Program Manager


    Mariko Poupard joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in early 2019. She is the Project Coordinator for the NIH-funded UC San Diego FIRST program​ . She is committed to delivering excellent professional development programming for faculty in academic medicine and to building a strong community of support that leverages their wealth of experience and expertise.​​​

  • Yelda Serin, PhD, MA

    Yelda Serin, PhD, MA

    Supervisor, Data Analyst, and Program Manager


    Yelda Serin joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in early 2022. Yelda is the lead for Summer Institutes for NIH-funded FOCUSLAUNCH, and RAPID programs. She manages Raising Advancement and Parity for Infectious Disease Researchers (RAPID), a faculty development program sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)  with the goal of providing strong mentorship, professional development, and research training to improve the long-term success of early career faculty and transitioning postdoctoral scholars from underrepresented groups. She is also responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of faculty and program data and for the evaluation of program effectiveness. She is committed to partake in the initiatives to enhance the recruitment, retention, and success of an engaged, diverse, and inclusive faculty in Health Sciences.

  • Morgan Mouchka, PhD

    Morgan Mouchka, PhD

    Education Coordinator and Program Manager


    Morgan Mouchka joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in 2019.  Morgan manages the San Diego IRACDA Program , a prestigious NIH-funded postdoctoral program aimed at diversifying biomedical sciences, and a Grant Writing Course (GWC) for junior faculty through the OFA. Morgan coordinates pedagogical training and teaching and professional development opportunities for the postdoctoral fellows.  She is also a passionate educator and is committed to equity, inclusivity, and innovation in teaching and mentoring. 

  • Naureen Rashid, EdD, MA

    Naureen Rashid, EdD, MA

    Senior Data Analyst and Program Manager


    Naureen Rashid joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2020. She manages the Building a Respectful, Inclusive Culture (BRIC) program and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of faculty and program data and is committed to facilitating the success and growth of a diverse and inclusive faculty in the Health Sciences.

  • Ren Cabales

    Ren Cabales

    Program Manager


    Ren Cabales joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in June 2023. As a program manager, she is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of programs, courses and activities relating to the Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) and the Future Faculty of Cardiovascular Sciences (FOCUS) Program sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Ren is also the lead for planning the annual Mentorship Excellence Celebration. Ren extends her passion for creating inclusive spaces for personal and professional growth through serving on the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Staff Committee as a Co-Facilitator for the Communications Working Group.

  • Sophie Staschus, PhD

    Sophie Staschus, PhD

    Program Manager


    Sophie Staschus joined the Health Sciences Office of F​aculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2023. Sophie manages the Grant Writing Course (GWC), an intensive and interactive nine-session course for Health Sciences Junior Faculty working to develop a complete draft of a NIH grant proposal. She additionally manages the Health Sciences Center of Excellence Program (HSCOE), designed to improve the recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented faculty in academic medicine at UC San Diego. She is deeply committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive environment for diverse faculty by supporting their professional development, mentorship, and leadership.

  • Asmaa Khatib

    Asmaa Khatib

    Program Manager


    Asmaa joined the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in April 2024. Asmaa leads the National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) and Leading the Advancement of Underrepresented Neuroscientists for Change (LAUNCH) Programs. Asmaa is committed to supporting UC San Diego Health Sciences Faculty as they flourish and succeed in their careers and is excited to see OFA’s faculty development programs positively impact the broader UC San Diego community.

  • Tracy Sinclair

    Tracy Sinclair

    Administrative Coordinator


    Tracy Sinclair joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in mid-2022. She manages the Annual Faculty Workshops and provides logistical support for other special events. She is responsible for OFA office logistics and administrative duties, social media/marketing campaigns, and high-level support for the Faculty Directors. Tracy cares deeply about access to higher education and is committed to fostering a welcoming, accepting, and inclusive working environment for staff and faculty alike.

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