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GWC Curriculum

​Course Goals

  • Develop Jr. Faculty as grant writers

  • Develop Jr. Faculty as (future) grant reviewers

  • Empower Jr. Faculty to submit and receive extramural grant funding

Learning Objectives

  • Produce a comprehensive grant proposal to be critiqued at a mock study section.

  • Critique others' grant proposals through written and verbal peer-review feedback, applying the genre-specific conventions of grant writing.

  • Evaluate feedback from content experts and non-experts and use it to revise the grant proposal through a multi-draft process.

Structured Formative Assessment

  • Workbook Reading and Pre-recorded Lecture (Homework)
    • First Drafts (Homework)
      • Peer Review
        • Class Lecture
          • Class Critique
            • Second Drafts (Homework)
              • Peer Review
                • Class Critique
                  • Revision (Homework)
                    • Senior Faculty Feedback


GWC Class Numbers and Topics
Class # Topics
1 Opening Statement and ​Hypothesis
2 Specific Aims
3 Significance + Innovation
4 Approach I
5 Approach II
6 Title, Narrative, Summary, Abstract
7 Other Documents
8 Mock Study Session
9 Critiques

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