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Year 1: Pedagogical Training at UCSD 


Training will begin at UC San Diego in the fellow's first year with instruction through the Engaged Teaching Hub (ETH). The ETH provides courses and workshops in research-based instructional strategies, a theoretical background in scientific teaching and learning, and the communication skills necessary to teach successfully in higher education. Following their first or second year, fellows will attend the Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching, a weeklong teaching intensive training program through the National Institute on Scientific Teaching. Fellows will then share their knowledge and skills by developing a workshop for educators at UC San Diego, San Diego State University (SDSU), and San Diego City College (City College)​.

Year 2: Teaching Experience and Further Training

Alyssa_SDSU.jpgIn their second year, fellows guest-lecture at our partner institutions, SDSU and City College. Fellows will work with teaching mentors to design and deliver teaching modules, assessments, and other classroom activities. Fellows are encouraged to supplement their training with workshops on course design offered through the ETH.



Year 3: Curriculum Development, Redesign, and InstructionChristian_computer.jpg
In their third year, fellows use backwards design to develop or redesign a course, lab, or module at SDSU or SDCC. Fellows incorporate active learning, inclusive pedagogy, and varied assessment techniques into their curriculum and are instructors of record for the course. The above is a generalized training schedule of teaching. Based on the fellow's previous teaching experience, interests, and career goals, the schedule is tailored to provide personalized and specific training.