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Department/Division Mentor Directors (DMDs)


  • senior faculty members selected by their Chair or Division Chief, who are trained and experienced mentors. 
  • responsible for the overall FMTP program within their individual department or division.
  • coordinate mentor-mentee pairings and provide oversight, guidance and support to mentors and mentees.

Mentoring Resources



Ulrich Schmidt, MD, PhD, MBA 

​​Biomedical Informatics
Bruce Hamilton, PhD 
Kevin Corbett, PhD 

​Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Lawrence Eichenfield, MD 

​Rick Clark, MD 

​Emergency Medicine
Suzi Hong, PhD   ​Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health

Joachim Ix, MD, MAS 


  •  General Internal Medicine
  •  General Internal Medicine
  •  Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care
  •  Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care
  •  Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care
  •  Hospital Medicine
  •  Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
  •  Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
  •  Nephrology
​​Joseph Ciacci, MD 

​Neurological Surgery
​​Irene Litvan, MD 
John Crawford, MD
Michael Zimbric, MD​​​​​​

  • Pediatric Neurology
Varykina Thackray, PhD 
Gladys 'Sandy' Ramos, MD 

​Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Science
Don Kikkawa, MD 
​Natalie Afshari, MD 

​​Ami Doshi, MD 

​Alexandra Newton, PhD 
William Joiner, PhD 
Joanna Jacobus, PhD​ 

Jona Hattangadi-Gluth, MD  

​Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences
Skaggs ​School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
​Sarah Blair, MD  ​Surgery

Mentor Facilitators


  • complete Mentor Facilitator Training through the Center for Improved Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) 
  • lead 8-hours of mentor training across 2 to 4 workshops. At least one of these trainings will address equity and inclusion competencies. 
  • collect evaluation data from all workshops with at least 20 participants
  • agree to train faculty across Health Sciences


​Mentor Facilitators Department/Division
Ulrich Schmidt, MD, PhD, MBA 
Kimberly Robbins, MD 
​​Robert El-Kareh, MD 

​​Biomedical Informatics
Kevin Corbett, PhD  ​Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Stephen Hayden, MD  ​Emergency Medicine
Sarah Merrill, MD  ​Family Medicine
​Sonia Jain, PhD 

​Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health

  • General Internal Medicine
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Geriatrics and Gerontology
  • Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
​John Ravits, MD  ​Neurosciences
Judith Varner, PhD  ​Pathology

  • Academic General Pediatrics
Greg Appelbaum, PhD 
Mariana Cherner, PhD 
Victoria (Vickie) Risbrough, PhD 
Xianjin Zhou, PhD 
Christina Gremel, PhD  ​Psychology

Senior Faculty Mentors


  • Associate or Full professors with knowledge and experience of navigating the UC system/UC San Diego.
  • mentor junior faculty mentees, individually or in a group format, over 2 to 3 years.
  • facilitate the development of Career Development Plans (CDP) for mentees aligned with department promotion and advancement criteria, sponsor/champion mentees, and guide/support junior faculty.

Junior Faculty Mentors/Mentees


 Junior faculty are Assistant or Associate level faculty who take on mentee or mentor roles.